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Kent Auto Locksmiths – Lost or Stolen Keys

Kent Auto Locksmiths – Transponder Key Programming

Kent Auto Locksmiths deal with the programming and de-programming of all transponder keys.

All modern car keys have a transponder which sends a message to your car to start when turned on. Some cars require a remote type key to be programmed on to your car with the transponder built into the remote.

Other standard mechanical keys with a transponder inserted into the head of the car key can be programmed on to your car using our key programming equipment.

Please give Kent Auto Locksmiths a call to enquire about which type of car key or transponder you will need.

Remember, there is no obligation to use Kent Auto Locksmiths services and we are happy to help.


De Programming Car Keys

In some cases of car keys being stolen or lost we can attend your vehicle on the same day and de program any existing keys from the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) preventing your car from starting and being stolen.


Lost or Stolen Keys…

Posted : May 12, 2014 at 4:37 pm

Transponder Key Programming

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We can attend your vehicle

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